Advent & Christmas Services and Concerts

Advent Sunday, 29 November
5.30 pm Advent Procession with Carols
The Cathedral Choir
Sunday, 6 December
5.30 pm Choral Evensong
The St. Andrew’s Priory Chamber Choir
Monday, 7 December
7.30 pm Honolulu Brass Choir
Seasonal Music for Brass, Organ and Percussion
Tickets available from the Chamber Music Hawaii Box Office at 489-5038
Sunday, 13 December
5.30 pm Choral Evensong
The Cathedral Men’s Schola
Friday, 18 December
7.30 pm Winter Concert by the Chorus and Hōkūloa Singers of ‘Iolani School
Sunday, 20 December
2.00 pm Annual Carol Concert
The Cathedral Choir
Early seating recommended
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Feast of the Holy Sovereigns


QueenEmma&KingKO Sovereign God, who raised up King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma to be rulers in Hawaii, and inspired and enabled them to be diligent in good works for the welfare of their people and the good of your Church: Receive our thanks for their witness to the Gospel; and grant that we, with them, may attain to the crown of glory that never fades away; through Jesus Christ our Savior and Redeemer, who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns, one God, for ever and ever.

1st Reading:  Daniel 7:9-10 13-14
Psalm: 93
2nd Reading: Revelation 1:4b-8
Gospel: John 18:33-37

Saturday, November 21
5:30 pm  Vigil Eucharist

Sunday, November 22
7 am Said Eucharist
8 am Ka ‘Eukalikia Hemolele
Sung Eucharist in Hawaiian and English

The Rt. Rev. Robert L. Fitzpatrick, preacher
The Hawaiian Choir
With hymns and anthem in Hawaiian

9:20 am Faith Forum in the Von Holt Room

10:30 am Sung Eucharist
The Rt. Rev. Robert L. Fitzpatrick, preacher
The Cathedral Choir

5:30 pm Choral Evensong
The Diocesan Choir


Thanksgiving Day Sung Eucharist

Thursday, 26 Nov 2013 10 am
St. Andrew’s Cathedral
SAC main windowWith family and friends we come together for our annual Thanksgiving Day Eucharist, giving prayers of gratitude and praise.
Service Music
Thanksgiving Day Canticle Boyce
Hymn 290 Come, ye thankful people, come
Hymn 288 Praise to God, immortal praise
Ku`u Kahu no Iesu Eaton
Hymn 416 For the beauty of the earth
My shepherd will supply my need Thomson
Hymn 397 Now thank we all our God


Advent Procession with Carols

Sunday, November 29, 2015 5:30 pm
St. Andrew’s Cathedral
St. Andrew’s Cathedral Choir
The St. Andrew’s Ringing Society

ChoirAdventCarolService-2013-0570-lightenedOn Sunday, Nov. 29 at 5:30 pm, celebrate the start of the Christmas season with the traditional Advent Procession with Carols at historic St. Andrew’s Cathedral in downtown Honolulu. This annual service marks the beginning of the season of Advent, the Church’s preparation for the coming of the Lord Jesus in the festival of Christmas.  Scripture and music combine to tell the story of our redemption; from our rebellion against God in the Garden, the Angel Gabriel’s annunciation to Mary and, finally, the proclamation of the birth of Jesus.

Hear beautiful sacred music and join with the Cathedral Choir singing carols old and new. At 5 pm, listen to the great Cathedral bells as the  Saint Andrew’s Ringing Society rings changes from the Mackintosh Tower. The Cathedral is inviting and friendly, and children are most welcome.


Choral Evensong at St. Andrew’s Cathedral

2013Choir-Nora-DSC_0033Choral Evensong

St. Andrew’s Cathedral

Sun, Oct. 4, 2015, 5:30 pm

Sung by the Cathedral Choir

Choral Evensong will be sung at The Cathedral of St. Andrew on Sunday, Oct. 4 at 5:30 pm. This beautiful service will be sung by the Cathedral Choir featuring John Stainer’s Evening Service in B-flat and Hawaii composer and Cathedral Choral Scholar Karol Nowicki’s Keep watch, dear Lord. John Renke will be the organist and choral director for the service. Evensong has been sung in Cathedral Churches for centuries and, through prayer and song, offers to God our thanks for the day that is past and seeks the light of God’s presence through the coming night. All are welcome. Parking is free. Calabash offering gratefully accepted.

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Cathedral Life Newsletter (Sep. 25)

Moving Forward (from the Dean)

As we enter a new phase of our staff configuration, I am pleased to make the following announcement.

I have offered part-time positions to two clergy that are no strangers to the Cathedral. The Rev. Malcolm Chun and the Rev. Alison Dingley will officially come on board the 1st of October. They will be responsible for both general and specific ministries. (Access full article in our weekly newsletter).


Choral Evensong sung by the Schola Cantorum

renwomChoral Evensong
Sunday, Sep. 13, 5:30 pm
Eve of Holy Cross Day

St. Andrew’s Cathedral
Sung by the Schola Cantorum

Choral Evensong will be sung  at the Cathedral of St. Andrew on Sun., Sep. 13 at 5:30 pm. The service will be led by the Schola Cantorum, members of the Cathedral Choir who specialize in Tudor and Renaissance music. The setting of the Magnificat and Nunc dimittis is from the Short Service by the English organist and composer Thomas Weelkes (1576–1623). Weelkes became organist of Winchester College in 1598, and organist of Chichester Cathedral in 1601.
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Cathedral Life – September 10, 2015

“Pa`akai a Malamalama”
(Salt and Light)

Reflections From the Dean

The Cathedral Faith Forum 2015

A Private & Public Faith: Seeking the Common Good

As I stated a few weeks ago, the role of religion and faith in the public sphere is an important issue that deserves serious inquiry. Just recently U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said, “In fact, if I went back to college today, I think I would probably major in comparative religion because that’s how integrated [religion] is in everything that we are working on and deciding and thinking about in life today entering college today, instead of majoring in Political Science [as I did 50 years ago].”

This year, our Cathedral Faith Forum programs will explore the issue of the public role of religion from the perspective of Christian theology and tradition and how this role relates to the private or personal application of faith. Of particular interest is the question underlying this subject: how can the Church help promote the common good?

We shall open with the first few sessions examining our biblical traditions and then going into the tradition from the early Church to the present. We shall be focusing on this topic on most of our Sunday Cathedral Forums through May–with some Sundays reserved for special topics. I have inserted the projected schedule for September through November.
Part One – The Biblical Precedent
The Dean & Rev. Neal MacPherson
The Prophet Nathan & King David
No Forum Mother Susan Farewell
Rev. Malcolm Chun
Naboth’s Vineyard
Rev. Neal MacPherson
Elijah in the Wilderness
Rev. Fr. Michael Lapsley, SSM
Public Theology and Healing
The Dean
W. Brueggemann – Prophet Imagination of John Bapt
The Dean and Rev. Stephanie Spellers
Public Theology and Mission
Part Two – The 20th Century Witness
Rev. Neal MacPherson
The Barmen Declaration
Rev. Neal MacPherson
The New Barmen Declaration
Rev. Neal MacPherson
W. Bruggemann – Communities of Hope
Feast of the Holy Sovereigns TBD
The Dean
Brueggemann – Prophet Imagination of Jesus

We shall begin this Sunday, September 13th. The Rev. Neal MacPherson will begin our journey with “The Prophet Nathan” and “King David.” I hope to see many of you.

Mahalo Nui Loa



Cathedral Life – Thursday, September 3, 2015

Completing the Mutual Ministry Review (MMR) Survey

Dean Brownridge Photo - January 2015The vision and work of a congregation is the shared joy and responsibility of the whole congregation. Although leaders are important, ministry is carried out by all of the baptized People of God. Our varied gifts and limitations mean that together, with the help of God’s transformative Spirit, can we grow to reflect the light of Christ that is within us, each and all.

The purpose of the Mutual Ministry Review is to provide a process and set of tools to enable us to review and strengthen our ministries as a Cathedral Congregation. In order for that purpose to be achieved, we ask you to complete this online survey. If an online survey is not possible for you to complete, hard copies will be provided upon request to the office.

Mahalo Nui Loa

Simply click this link which will bring you to “Survey Monkey.” 

We estimate that it will take about 30 minutes to complete the survey. Please respond as thoughtfully and frankly as possible.  All responses will be confidential. 


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