Benedictine Workdays

Doing ordinary tasks in an extraordinary way

The Benedictine way is about finding a balance and intentionality in our common life. In the Benedictine way, prayer, study, work, reflection, fellowship and rest are all valued and rely on each other to find fulfillment. St. Benedict considered the kitchen utensil and the chalice on the altar to both be sacred vessels! On this day we will worship, work, eat, and share silence as a community, following the rhythm of a typical Benedictine monastic day.

Our work will be focused on jobs great and small: dusting, polishing, sweeping, weeding, stacking, cooking, organizing… you name it! This will be a great opportunity to rub elbows (and brass) with parishioners and friends we may not ordinarily work with, and to help keep our Cathedral a sparkling and welcoming place when our new Dean arrives! Those who attend have an amazing experience of prayer, community, and real accomplishment.

Benedictine Work Days may focus on cleaning, repairing, or organizing around the whole Cathedral Close or particular sacred spaces or areas identified by Work Day participants or in preparation of Holy Days or our liturgical seasons of Advent, Lent, and Easter. Work Days may also be focused on community-benefit projects. These are wonderful opportunities to bring friends and co-workers into the life of the Cathedral.

Benedictine Work Day Schedule

8.30 am Gathering and Orientation under the Tent
9.00 am Morning Prayer
9.30 am Work Period
11.00 am Mid-morning Prayer and Reflection
11.30 am Silent Walk
12.00 pm Noonday Prayer
12.30 pm Lunch and Rest
1.00 pm Work or Training Period
3.00 pm Mid-afternoon Prayer and Reflection
3.30 pm Cleanup and Preparation for the Lord’s Day
4.00 pm Evensong