Welcome to ACCESS for The Cathedral of St. Andrew!

As part of the implementation of Online Giving, we invite you to explore ACCESS, a feature of our ACS computer system that has maintained our database of mailing lists and financial data for a number of years. ACCESS allows all members and regular attendees of the Cathedral to view and manage their own data, including setting up and managing online giving. In addition, there are capabilities for coordinating ministry groups and activities.

Sign up for ACCESS!

The only requirement is that you must already be in the Cathedral’s database, with a current email address on file. You will know that you’re in the database if you receive occasional mailings from the Cathedral, or if you receive the eNews or notice of music events by email. If you’re not certain whether you’re in the database with a current email address, or if ACCESS doesn’t recognize you, just send an email from the address you wish to have on file to contact.us@thecathedralofstandrew.org and we will ensure that you’re properly entered!

We invite you to become an ACCESS user by going to the Member Login page and clicking on the “Need a login? Click Here!” button. Enter your email address and name as they appear in Cathedral records. You will receive an email containing your username and temporary password for logging in to ACCESS. When you have received it, return to the Member Login page and log in. You will be required to change your password on your first successful login to a password of your choice. The system will also recognize you by a “User Name,” which will be your first and last name from the Cathedral records, concatenated without a space.


Using ACCESS, you can do the following things:

  • View or update your member profile.
  • Add family and individual pictures to your member profile.
  • Search, review, and submit interest in serving opportunities in the church
  • Donate online, either by credit card or direct transfer from your bank. You can make single contributions to any church fund, or set up regular contributions against your pledge or any fund of your choice.

Download this brief User’s Guide to ACCESS! You may also click on the “More info” link in the upper right corner of the page, and ACCESS documentation will open in a separate window. If you need further assistance, you may contact one of us who maintain this system at acs-admin@thecathedralofstandrew.org. We will try to help you as soon as possible!

Your confidentially is important!

Please be assured that the confidentiality of your data is our utmost priority. Your data is only available online to you, unless you choose to subscribe to ministry groups managed in this web site. These groups will have access to your contact information only, not your giving record! With each item in your personal profile (phone numbers, email address, etc.), you may change it by clicking the “edit” pencil and specify whether that information is to be listed or unlisted. You may mark all your information as “unlisted” by notifying us that this is your preference at contact.us@thecathedralofstandrew.org.We are hoping to

Our software provider is ACS Technologies, the largest developer of church management software in the industry. The Cathedral’s data is housed in a secured data center maintained by ACS Technologies, and is subject to period security audits to ensure safety and privacy of your data.


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