Message from Fr. Moki, January 10, 2018

Dear Cathedral Ohana:

As I write to you in the middle of my work week, I realize that I will have to spend the afternoon preparing a sermon to honor Nat Potter at his funeral on Saturday. Nat was a gentleman and a scholar and his passing has given me the opportunity to reflect on how my life has unfolded and evolved since I first met him 11 years ago when I came to the Cathedral as your Canon Pastor. It seems like Nat’s death is a milestone in our community and we will never be the same now that he is gone. We can however, continue to move forward toward the light and do good things for ourselves, for our church community, for the world, and for God. That will be a wonderful way to honor Nat’s legacy to us, I think.

Annual Meeting
Please remember that our Annual Meeting will fall on Sunday, January 21, 2018 at 9:00 AM. I will announce the slate of candidates next week in my weekly communique to you.

Queen Emma Birthday
We had a very, very nice Aliʻi Sunday for Queen Emma’s birthday as well as the beautiful musical tribute to mark the first anniversary of the death of Uncle Eddie Kamae. I thank everyone who made the day so special, wonderful, and memorable. Please know that I received a written thank you from the Royal Order of the Kamehameha to express their thanks, which was a real honor.

On Sunday evening we had a beautiful Evensong prepared by Todd and the Orvis Choral Scholars. And in spite of the short notice, we had extremely good attendance. You can listen to the Magnificat here and the Nunc Dimittis here! I was very pleased with everything that happened on Sunday.

My Week
My week has been very full. Last week Thursday, I met with Nat Potter’s daughter and also Todd, with whom I have a standing weekly meeting. I also met with an architect to discuss what might be done with the stained glass windows in order to alleviate the heat that is sure to come this summer. In addition, I had a counseling session as well as one hour of dedicated prayer. On Friday I had two meetings in the morning, including one with Bishop Fitzpatrick and then on Saturday, I preached and presided at the 5:30 PM service in the Cathedral. On Sunday morning, I preached and presided at three services, came home and prepared a sermon for this coming Sunday, and then went back to the Cathedral for Evensong. On Monday morning I did a counseling session and then prepared for a retreat that I’m going to lead in the Northern Philippines in March. Yesterday I had four meetings and two counseling sessions and today I had a staff meeting, a Eucharist, and now I am spending the afternoon writing this letter and preparing for Nat’s funeral on Saturday. In the midst of this, I also deal with phone calls, drop-in visits, and correspondence. Life is busy and life is full. I feel very blessed.

Closing Thoughts
On Sunday evening I walked past the columbarium and saw that someone had taken the candles from the Cathedral and put one on each grave. It was a beautiful sight to behold in the middle of the night and it reminded me of the persistence of the Christ light in our lives. Let’s hold on to that notion and image as we move into the new year, and know that we are loved and we are blessed.


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