Message from Fr. Moki, August 2, 2017

Dear Cathedral Ohana:

As I write this morning, I’m looking out my window and see a group of tourists on a walking tour who have stopped in front of the Cathedral and are enjoying the sanctuary and the grounds.  I’m also looking out onto Queen Emma Square and seeing the kids at the school getting ready to go on a slippery slide.  It’s so hot these days that I’m actually tempted to join them!  I feel a sense of vibrancy and vitality as I take this all in and it warms my heart that people come onto the Square and feel welcome and at home.

Bishop’s Annual Visit
The first thing I would like to tell you is that Bishop Fitzpatrick will be with us for his annual visit to the Cathedral this Sunday.  Please join us for worship and take the opportunity to be with the Bishop and to talk with him during the aloha hour.

Beamer Funeral
We welcomed a great number of people to the Square on Friday when we held funeral services for Uncle Mahi Beamer, one of Hawaii’s legendary musicians and the grandson of the renowned Helen Desha Beamer.  On Sunday I pointed out the black kahili on the Ewa side of the sanctuary and that it belongs to Princess Abigail Kawanakakoa.  She attended the funeral and sat in the front pew of the Cathedral.  It was an honor to have the Princess in our midst.

ELCA Reformation Observance
In October we are welcoming our brothers and sisters from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) to the Square on October 14th and October 15th for an event to observe the Reformation.  The planning team has arranged for The Rev. Dr. David Lose to come and speak and the Cathedral has made arrangements to bring him in as a Peggy Kai speaker.  This will be an exciting event and I will keep you informed as our plans progress.

Pets in Worship
Over the past several weeks some of you have asked me about pets in worship.  Please know that I do not have an issue with it as long as human companions keep and hold their pets/service animals/therapy animals on leashes at all times.  This does not appear to be an issue at the Cathedral and I thank those of you who bring animals for being respectful of the space and considerate of those around you.

On Sunday you may have noticed that the fountain is up and working once again.  I thank Bryan for his hard work in bringing that about.

Prayer List
I’ve noticed that our prayer list is becoming lengthy and I’m told that there is a policy that people remain on the prayer list for a period of three months and unless a request to extend is made, those folks come off the list after that.  I agree with this policy and would like to reiterate it to you all via this weekly letter.  Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns.

My Week
For those of you who would like a recap of the past week:  On Thursday I did a spiritual direction session, met with members of the Outreach Committee, took Chris Bridges out to lunch, went to a Reformation planning meeting with Todd at the Lutheran Church of Honolulu, and had a pastoral meeting back in the office.  That evening I was in Davies and the Cathedral to make sure things were in place for the funeral the next day and I greeted Princess Abigail who had dropped in.  On Friday I was here from 7:00 to 3:00 for the funeral and reception.  On Saturday I presided at the Beamer burial in Kaneohe and then came back for the 5:30 Eucharist.  On Sunday, of course, I preached and presided at three services and we had a total attendance of 218, which is very good.  On Monday I took a respite but did deal with emails and phone calls.  On Tuesday, I helped Bryan move tables, chairs and cabinets from the Von Holt Room back into Davies Hall (they had been taken out for the Beamer reception), then I went home to write a sermon for August 13th, and then I had a work-related dinner engagement.  Today I will catch up on correspondence, meet with the staff, preach and preside at the Wednesday Eucharist, meet with the Bishop about his time with us this coming Sunday, meet with folks to discuss the Liliuokalani observance on September 2nd, and meet with the Personnel Committee.

Closing Thoughts
Please note that I will be on vacation next week and while I will not write to you, I will be thinking of you.

Until we meet at worship this weekend, please take care.


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