Message from Fr. Moki, April 19, 2017

Dear Cathedral Ohana:

Post-Easter, I have been sitting on my lanai in the mornings and watching a pair of terns flying back to their nest to feed their babies in one of the trees on Queen Emma Square. This morning when I saw them return to feed their young after being out at sea, it reminded me of how Christ returned to all of us in the resurrection that we commemorated at our services this weekend. He went away, and then he returned. In addition to that, the two terns flying in the air and hovering above that tree reminded me of the Holy Spirit and how she is always present in our midst, hovering around and waiting to land on our hearts.

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Having said all that, it was a phenomenal Holy Week and Easter at our Cathedral. Everyone worked so hard to create the worship experiences that we had to offer to the community and I am extremely grateful to everyone. The way that we were able to work together made me really proud to be your priest and I feel very lucky not only to have had such wonderful services, but also to have been given the gift of being able to return to all of you the way those terns return to their tree on Queen Emma Square.

And now that Easter Sunday is over, life goes on and I have a week of sermon prep, meetings, walking the Cathedral grounds, taking care of correspondence, and the list goes on, so I will keep this missive short as I wish you all a very happy Eastertide. Until I see you all at worship this weekend, please take care.


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