A Lenten Self-Study – Reflections on Compassion

Lent 3 – Sunday March 19

We meet for supper discussion this week, Sunday March 19th, 5 pm before Compline. See the menu and agenda here. Please sign up now, by emailing Melvia Kawashima, <melviak@hotmail.com>. The final meeting will be a noon lunch finale on April 2, sharing our comments and unanswered questions from the five-week journey.

Using Karen Armstrong’s best seller, 12 Steps to a Compassionate Life as a resource and reading reference, we ponder questions below during this week:

  • The Seventh Step – How Little We Know!
    How does acknowledging and honoring the mystery of life and of each other contribute to our capacity for compassion?
  • The Eighth StepHow Should We Speak to One Another?
    What do you bring to personal and professional discussions or arguments?
    Do you make a “place for the other” or do you try to advance your argument?
  • The Ninth Step – Concern for Everybody
    How would a nonviolent approach work?
    What qualities of mind and heart would it require?

See Rev. Malcolm Chun’s Introduction to Our Lenten Reflections on Compassion
Notes on Karen Armstrong’s Steps 7, 8, and 9

Enjoy this hymn!

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One response to “A Lenten Self-Study – Reflections on Compassion”

  1. melvia kawashima says:

    great table talk last night! mahalo everyone for supping soup with Paul’s wonderful zucchini bread; sharing our heart and head experiences.

    “how little we know” reminds me to always “walk in the others’ shoes”–be reflective rather than reactionary, live in a open space of compassion rather than ego wrapped up in false security and safety of non-knowing+non-caring…

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