Godly Play – The Children’s Gathering on the Square

St Peter’s Parish Hall

The Children’s Gathering on the Square meets in rooms at the back of St Peter’s Parish Hall from approximately 9 am to 10 am on Sunday mornings. The Godly Play program takes place in “The Loft” and is appropriate for children who are curious about the bible stories that they hear in church, enrolled in pre-school through the 4th grade of school. Children in grades 5 and up are invited to participate in The Rock program located below in “Son Room.” Older children are welcome to assist as teachers’ aides with either group.

Here is the schedule for September:

Sept. 3 The Story of the Holy Family and an opening celebration with The Rock and the Godly Play classes combined to start us off well. Our lesson today focuses on the story of the Christ’s birth. We learn in the lesson of the Holy Family, that, in both forms, Jesus was, as he has been since, “reaching out to give the whole world a hug.”

Sept. 10 Timeline of the apostles and saints. Our lesson today focuses on how Christ’s message lives on through the actions of apostles and saints. By looking at the lives of apostles and saints over the centuries, we see how people like you and I can help others feel Christ’s presence in our actions.

Sept. 17 Jesus and the Twelve. We learn more about the twelve disciples of Jesus, the first apostles to spread Christ’s message to the world. We hear their names and learn a little about their lives and the symbols used to represent them. If you had a symbol to represent the essence of your life, what might it be?

Sept. 24 The All Saints Lesson. In our Episcopal/Anglican tradition we trust that each of us is a member of the Communion of Saints just by virtue of being one of God’s children. The symbol in the story is a mirror, an invitation to remember that God loves each of us just the way we are. And yet, we are called to try to be our best selves in everyday life. Saints in our tradition, St. Augustine, St. Theresa, St. Damien and so many more, are only part of the story. We will wonder with your children who are the saints they know personally…who do they see as saints?

Beth Young

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