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Welcome to St. Andrew's

The Cathedral of St. Andrew exists to proclaim the Glory of God. We do this by seeking, proclaiming and celebrating the True, the Good and the Beautiful. Welcome to our website, and we hope that it will inspire you to visit in person.



Christmas Message

From The Reverend Moki Hino, newly appointed Canon Administrator  and Priest-in-Charge

Fr. Moki Hino, Canon Administrator and Priest-in-Charge

Fr. Moki Hino, Canon Administrator and Priest-in-Charge

Dear Cathedral ʻOhana,

As I prepare to leave Hilo to go to Honolulu to serve as your Canon Administrator and Priest-in-Charge, I find it necessary to wake up extra early to start my day with prayer and then delve into all the things that need to be done in order to move from one place to another. I appreciate the stillness, the darkness, the sounds of nature, and the stirring of my soul as I begin to anticipate things to come. It’s a fitting place for me to be spiritually as Advent comes to an end and Christmas approaches.

Leading up to the decision to accept my appointment, I had several discussions with Bishop Fitzpatrick about his sense of mission and ministry and how he looks forward to journeying with us as we move toward that vision of stewardship of our Hawaiian heritage, musical and liturgical innovation, and the mandate of our Holy Sovereigns to reach out to those in need. I look forward to working with you and to bringing that vision to fruition not only for us as the Cathedral community, but also for the community at-large who in this day and age seems to long desperately for the Christ light in their midst.

As I sit, pray and meditate on these dark and comforting Hilo mornings I offer up gratitude (click Read More)


Announcement of the Appointment of a Canon Administrator & Priest-in-Charge

Bishop’s letter to the Congregation (Nov. 10, 2016) – I am pleased to inform the congregation that last night the Chapter confirmed my appointment of the Reverend Moki Hino as Canon Administrator & Priest-in-Charge of the Cathedral of St. Andrew. As my appointee and representative, he will be responsible for liturgical, programmatic and administrative oversight and management of the Cathedral congregation. He is to join…


Godly Play – The Children’s Gathering on the Square

Sundays, 9 – 9:55 am
The Loft at St. Peter’s Church

Godly Play 2015

The Children’s Gathering on the Square meets in rooms at the back of St Peter’s Parish Hall from approximately 9am to 10am on Sunday mornings. The Godly Play program takes place in “The Loft” and is appropriate for children who are curious about the bible stories that they hear in church, enrolled in pre-school through the 4th grade of school. Children in grades 5 and up are invited to participate in The Rock program located below in “Son Room.” Older children are welcome to assist as teachers’ aides with either group.

January 8 Epiphany The story we hear this week is of Epiphany. (which is actually celebrated on January 6th). The seasons of Advent and Christmas have passed and we enter into the season of the weeks after Epiphany. The color of the altar cloth is changed to green color of growth and learning. It is the day our tradition designates to remember the arrival of the Magi in Bethlehem. We focus on the gifts they brought. Gold is not a surprising gift for a king. Frankincense has been used in worship for thousands of years, and is still used today. Myrrh is a resin that is burned at funerals. What did the three wise men foreshadow about this baby with these gifts? I wonder.


Restoration of the Cathedral’s Aeolian-Skinner Pipe Organ


Your gifts help ensure that the Great Cathedral Organ will touch lives for generations to come.

Please click here to make an online tax-deductible gift to the Organ Restoration Fund

Can you imagine the Cathedral of St. Andrew without the sound of its magnificent pipe organ?  The organ has harmonized hymns, resonated through the bodies of those attending worship and concerts, unified a community, and inspired countless people for generations.

The Cathedral’s Æolian-Skinner is the largest pipe organ in Hawai‘i and is a major asset to the musical life of Honolulu.  In addition to cathedral worship, the organ is essential for weddings, concerts by visiting artists and dozens of community groups, and for the worship and traditions of the St. Andrew’s Schools.

Under the stress of six decades of heavy, continuous use and various assaults ranging from a leaking roof to termites, …..


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